Drinking Water

When you run out of water you can go to the office and pick up another 5 gallon jug for 40 pesos. The best way to install the water is by cutting 2 splits in the top of the bottle through the plastic cap on the top. This will help reduce the amount of water that gets spilled when trying to put a bottle back on the water dispenser.  If you are not able to lift the water bottle the reception can bring over a new one for you.

Hot Water

The hot water tank is on demand and located on the back porch.  If the water is to hot or to cold you can adjust the temperature by using the dial. The best temperature seems to be in the middle. If no hot water is coming out, more than likely the gas has run out. You can test this by trying to light one of the stove burners. If you can’t get the stove to light, then you are out of gas. You can go to the reception area and let them know and they will bring a new tank. If the reception is closed you can find one of the workers in the blue shirts and they can help you.


The internet company limits each customer to only 4 devices at a time. You can find the wifi password on the top of the router. If the internet stops working just unplug the router for 30 seconds and plug it back in. This will recycle it and usually start it back up.  DO NOT HIT THE RESET BUTTON.

Extra Cleaning

In an effort to conserve water the rental does not include any housekeeping or laundry (towel & sheets) service. If you would like to have you unit cleaned while your staying just let us know and we can arrange that. Cleaning is $65 US per clean.


If you need to do laundry during your stay you can drop it off at the reception office and they will wash it for you for a small fee. There is also a laundromat in Pescadero off the main Hwy near Agricole.

Lighting The Grill Casita – 10 Only

To light the grills outside you to make sure the propane tank is turned on. You must remove the grill cover and light both sides of each burner by hand.  There should be an extender lighter. It takes about 20 minutes to heat up.

Lighting The Oven

The oven doesn’t have an electric starter. Inside the oven towards the bottom of the door there is a hole where you must hand light the oven. If it doesn’t lite within a few tries turn the gas off for a minutes and try again.

Pizza Oven – Casita 10 Only

If you want to try the pizza oven you can purchase wood at the restaurant by the pool. They will also sell you all the pizza fixings. If you want to do everything yourself, you can buy flour , yeast, and mozzarella in Todos Santos at Sol.  Sol is just a few blocks in on the main road when you get to Todos Santos.


You will normally see little sugar ants running around. You can keep the ants down to a minimum by not leaving any food out and doing your dishes right away. If you see a line of ants more than usual, please let us know and we can have them spot treated.

Repairs Needed

If you see anything that needs attention or needs to be fixed please email us at sweez55@gmail.com to let us know.

Items Needed

We have done our best to stock the house/kitchen with a few multi use options. Please let us know if we need anything that would make your stay a little better. From time to time items grow legs and take off elsewhere.  We rely heavily on guests to let us know if anything is missing.

Food Shopping

Local convenience stores, Kimberly’s & Brodies are both walking distance from the Villas and they are great spots to pick up snacks, drinks, and groceries. There are bigger grocery stores in Pescadero and if you are looking for Organic food, Agricole in Pescadero has the best selection. They are one of the last buildings on your left on the main Hwy heading out of Pescadero towards Todos Santos.