Top Of The Mountain

Easy hike right from the villas.  You can start your hike by walking through the garden between the single story Casitas and the Palapas. Walk through the garden and then through the empty lot, once you hit the dirt road take a left. Once you hit the 4 ways intersection take a right towards the Hotel Desert Moon.  Look for the power lines on your right hand side. You can either take that road up to the top where the road dead ends and then there will be a walking path the remainder of the hike to the top. If you don’t want to take the power line road up you can take your next right which will be right in front of the upper portion of the desert moon. Once you take a right you will pass two homes on your right.  Take a right up the hill right past the homes, the dirt road will bring you to the end of the road where you can meet up with the trail that will bring you to the top of the mountain.


Top Of The Mnt Hike Cerritos Padrito Beach El Pescadero Cerritos Beach View Of Cerritos & Hacienda In The Fog