The Ridge Hike

The Ridge Hike is in-between Cerritos beach and Padrito beach. Use caution when hiking in this area, due to the cliffs.  The trails are very scenic and offers incredible views of the Pacific ocean. This would be a good hike to do when doing the Mountain Hike or the Around The Mountain hike since it’s in the same area.

To get there just head towards towards Cerritos Beach and take a right at the 4 way intersection, go up towards the top of the Desert Moon hotel and take another right once you get to the top of the hotel. You will pass a few homes on your right hand side and once you get to the top of the dirt road and start heading down you will see a 4 wheel drive road that will bring you down to the South side of Padrito Beach.  Follow that road down to the beach and then look to your left and you will see the trails.

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