Around The Mountain

This is an easy hike from Villas De Cerritos.  The hike is about a 1.5 miles and goes around the big mountain on the North side of the Villas. Hiking Near CerritosFrom the Villas you can either start your hike by going through the fruit trees in between the Palapas and the Casitas or you  can use the main road that goes towards the beach. Either way take a right at the 4 way intersection and towards the top of the Desert Moon Hotel.  Once you reach the top of the hotel take another right so you are walking parallel with the ocean. You will then walk about 3/4 of mile and you will pass the dome house on your left and then the road will start going downhill.  Take your first right across from the dome home.  Follow that road until it merges with another road.  Stay to the right and then take your first right and that will be the road that brings you back to the Villas.