Hikes Around The Cerritos Todos Santos Area

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Cerritos Hiking

Top Of The Mountain

This is a great hike that you take right from the Villas.  This one of the highest points in the Cerritos area West of the Highway.  Great views of Cerritos Beach, San Pedrito Beach, and El Pescadero. It gets a little steep towards the top.




Hiking Near Cerritos

Around The Mountain

This is another great hike without getting into a car. You can take off right from the Villas and walk the dirt road around the mnt. Great scenic views on the ocean side and finish your hike through the Gavallion neighborhood.




Padrito Beach Hiking

Ridge Hike

Another hike right out your door.  This is to the West of the big mountain. The trail starts from the North Side of Padrito Beach and goes towards Cerritos.




Old Port Todos Santos

Old Port – Sea Lion Colony – Punta Lobos

This hike is in Todos Santos. You can hike to the Old Port, Sea Lion Colony or continue your hike to Las Palmas. To hike to the old port takes about 45 minutes and to hike to Las Palmas it will take around 2 hours.